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Community Energy

At Climate Navigator, we actively support Māori and community energy initiatives and empower local communities to achieve sustainable and renewable energy solutions. We firmly believe that a transition to clean energy is not only essential for combating climate change but also for fostering resilience and social well-being within communities.


To fulfill this aspect of our mission, we collaborate with local stakeholders, including mana whenua and community organisations, government bodies, and residents, to identify and implement renewable energy projects that align with the unique needs and resources of each community.

We provide navigation solutions, connecting communities with financial support, technical expertise, and guidance throughout the entire process, from project planning to implementation and ongoing maintenance.


By promoting community ownership and engagement in renewable energy, we aim to create a greener future where communities are empowered to control their energy sources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and enhance their overall quality of life.


If you would like to discuss a Māori or community energy initiative with us, please reach out to us through the Get In Touch button.

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