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Pathways to success through

bold climate action

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Our Purpose

Climate Navigator is on a mission to combat climate change by working together to find pathways to success through bold climate action.  


Society must fundamentally transform within a decade to win the war on climate change. The scale and pace of change required is unprecedented and needs everyone to rise to the challenge. Today all organisations have an opportunity to position for long-lasting success by embedding bold climate action into their DNA and becoming part of the solution to our greatest global challenge. 


However we know that climate change is complex and can seem overwhelming, especially to people busy doing their day job. Research shows that many organisations are unclear how to respond to the climate crisis, despite facing growing stakeholder expectations and emerging obligations. And they don't know where to go for help.


That's where we come in....

What we do

We work with organisations across the public and private sectors to find pathways to success through bold climate action

Build climate risk literacy and embed climate change into your organisation's DNA , for clarity, consistency and assurance

Identify and prioritise key climate-related risks and opportunities

Develop bold, strategic responses and solutions

Evaluate progress and measure impact, to learn and stay on track

Share your story to support climate reporting obligations and build stakeholder alignment, confidence and trust.

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